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 Propose/Vote on New Legislation
MissEDconexion Offline

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Sat Aug 24, 2019 11:39 am
Charter Proposal #1 Thread closed

alrighty people meeting on the discord rn. all proposals will also be placed here so if you cannot make in, go ahead and vote on the threads down here.

Governor-General of Gendarania Offline

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Thu Aug 29, 2019 1:50 am
#2 RE: Meetings Thread closed

The Royal Progressive State of Generarania would like to propose some legislation;
Article I: The Principals of Judicial Progressivism will be implaced.
Article II: The Parliament shall elect a speaker once every 6 months.
Article III: All member nations will adopt a Nato-Like protection pledge to protect the smaller nations.
Article IV: All nations must be DEMOCRACIES and therefore adopt DEMOCRATIC principals in their governments.
Article V: All nations must send 1 and only 1 representative to the Parliament.
Article VI: In votes, each nation may choose two positions, Noe or Aye. (The speaker can't vote, only if Article IIX is enacted)
Article VII: Once the vote has taken place, the speaker should read the result and state whether the Noes or Ayes have it
"The noes have it, the noes have it, order, unlock"
"The ayes have it, the ayes have it, order, unlock"
Article IIX: In a vote, if there is a tie, the speaker must vote with the noes.
Article IX: Each Representative may only have 1 vote.
Article X: Meetings shall take place once per month on the day designated by the speaker.


Charles Ross, Secretary General

MissEDconexion Offline

Posts: 51

Thu Aug 29, 2019 7:23 am
#3 RE: Meetings Thread closed

i like it with just three revisions:

1. Article II is pointless as all members are defacto parliament and thus should be able to appoint members however they want.

2. Besides Aye and Nay, Abstain should also be an option

3. as long as they maintain human rights, I do not believe we are in any place to judge a nation or force them to be democratic.

So for the time being ill vote nay but that might change in the future.

Emperor and Autocrat of Lehmark Offline

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Fri Sep 27, 2019 5:13 pm
#4 RE: Meetings Thread closed

I feel theyre all really good ideas and stand to benefit everyone.

However, Lehmark is an Autocracy, and therefore we cannot accept your suggestion of Article IV and must at this stage vote nay.

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