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Sat Aug 24, 2019 9:13 pm
Till death do us part reply

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, greetings everyone.

I am typing to you today on a matter that we all find important. The OAM. For months, myself and many of my (now) subordinates have attempted to make us work. Have attempted to accomplish much both within and without the micronational community. Unfortunately, it is now my job to tell you all that we have failed.

You all know that I myself am the last person who would ever give up hope on this once great organization, but alas I have. Now as you can imagine, it takes a great deal to get me to this precarious position. Many of you must be asking yourselves, "why"?

Well, I'll tell you...

For months, I have tried as hard as I could to balance the needs of the people, with their wants. To make this place both fun, and constructive.
It has now (however) become obvious that this cannot be done.

We are at a cross roads ladies and gentlemen. We are stuck. Our group can only go one of two ways...

1. We continue at our present course... This would mean that we become a more friendly and unprofessional organization. That we stay with our discord and that we devolve into the YAMO that many of our peers believe we now are.


2. We change. We move on, and bring ourselves to the level of professionalism held by groups such as the NC and GUM.

These are our options folks, and I (as well as Emosia) have chosen which one I wish to follow. Therefore, I issue this, an ultimatum. Tonight, it is your choice. If you wish to continue with how you are. You may. I am in no position to hinder your ambitions, nor am I in a position to do what the people do not wish. Therefor, if you want to be laid back, go ahead. But know that Phokland and several other states will not be coming with you. If this is the road you wish to travel, then I shall leave, to go my own way (along with James and any who will follow). I shall start anew, be that by starting my own collective of states, to achieve what I believe is the full potential of a micronational U.N. (something that we were supposed to be), or by going it alone. If this is the path that is chosen, know that I do not leave with resentment, that I do not leave with hate. I will now and forever remember the fond memories I shared with all of you. But know that I will make that decision earnestly and full heartedly.

The choice is yours my fellow delegates, it's zero hour. Thank you for taking time to read this, goodnight.

I await your decision,

HIM Charles A. Ross, Secretary General: Organisation of Active Micronations

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